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Advanced Gmail search to help you organize your inbox.

Jan 7, 2021


Paste this snippet into your Gmail search bar:

unsubscribe -shipping -payment -card -"YOUR ADDRESS" -order -package -track -"tracking number" -"order number" -confirmation -from:Robinhood -from:YOURBANK -from:"Whole Foods Market" in:inbox is:unread older_than:7d -is:important -is:starred -is:snoozed has:nouserlabels -has:attachment

This search finds mail that’s unread in my inbox, 7 days old, containing the word “unsubscribe,” not containing my mailing address or terms that look like an order was placed, and mail that does not appear “important,” by Gmail’s standards or because of some other user interaction (labeling, snoozing, starring, etc.)

I use this filter to help me find mail that I need to unsubscribe from and delete!

Let’s break down what the query does.

contains the word “unsubscribe”
-shipping -payment -"tracking number"
Does not contain the word “shipping,” “payment,” or “tracking number”
Type in your mailing address. I want to keep any mail that contains my mailing address because it’s likely about something I purchased.
-from:Robinhood -from:YOURBANK -from:"Whole Foods Market"
Do not find email coming from Robinhood, my bank, or Whole Foods
only find mail in my inbox.
Email I haven’t opened
Email received over 7 days ago.
Not labeled as important.
Email that has not been starred.
Email that has not been snoozed.
Email that has not already been sorted or filtered
Email without an attachment. I give an “unsubscribe” email with an attachment high priority than other emails.