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Image of Sound Bath app

Sound Bath

A ambient sound and white noise app I created to instantly tune into the sounds of nature when the background noise of the city gets too distracting.

The app has separate volume levels for each track, plays music on the lock screen, can be streamed to external speakers via Bluetooth or Airplay, and can be paused/played on the lock screen.

Made with SwiftUI.

Download Sound Bath on the App Store.

Image of Bread Book app

Bread Book

An ad-free recipe app made during a time when all of America was at home baking. The app caters to bakers by showing measurements in grams and displaying baker's percentages for each ingredient.

The app features a handful of my favorite bread recipes, like Focaccia, Croissant, Sourdough, and Scone.

Users to add their own recipes, upload photos from their camera roll or open the camera to capture the moment their bread comes out of the oven.

Made with Flutter.

Download Bread Book on the App Store.


Collage of editor behind

My latest project is the very page you're currently browsing!

I wanted to build a framework that could deliver the speeds of a statically generated site, but could still be edited anywhere and anytime without the need of a laptop with a build system setup.

The idea of having the entire site be accessible in the browser has always appealed to me. An entire site in a single file. To me, that feels highly portable and organized, and when I read that SQLite can deliver files faster than the filesystem because it already has an open file descriptor, I decided to give it a try! This entire site only contains 2 files: a database file and a go webserver.

Of course, the Go code does more than just serve HTTP. It automatically compresses images, assembles handlebars templates. and minifies html/css/js. But from the client-perspective, it just grabs minified html pages from the database, and delivers them up.

Open Source


Specjour scorecard

Specjour is a distributed Ruby and Rails test runner using bonjour for node discovery. The project proved useful for over ten years and has over 100,000 downloads.

Specjour on Github


capybara-chrome scorecard

Capybara-chrome is a capybara driver for running Rails integration and javascript tests in a headless Chrome instance. I developed this driver after experiencing numerous compatibility and stability issues with the QT driver supplied by capybara-webkit.

Capybara-chrome on Github

Phaser Lessons

phaser-lessons scorecard

A collection of simple web games I made when teaching kids in an after school program the basics of coding.

Phaser Lessons on Github

Game Development

Last Song

The Last Song was an entry in the Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam (Fall '20).

The theme of the Jam was "Stuck in a loop" and I decided to create a musical loop, each new game represents a new measure of music.

The player falls from the sky and touches floating shapes as they rush toward the ground. Each shape represents a different instrument, like a harp, violin, glockenspiel, etc. and each color represents a different note.

When the player hits the ground, the restart at the beginning and can hit new notes to add to the notes they played during last round. The game never ends, allowing the player to continue layering notes.

The game was built during 48 hours using the Godot game engine. It was my first time using 3D.

Visit the Ludum Dare page or download the game from

Image of musical notes floating in air

Watch a demo on YouTube


An online naval combat capture the flag game that I'm currently developing in Godot.

You can read my devlog on

Image of boats and treasure chest